Thursday, December 15, 2011

PERMATApintar 2011 !

Assalammualaikum .
Hi .
It had been a really long time that I didn’t update my blog. Urm.
I’ve been too ‘busy’ lately. Haha.
However, I just came back from 2011 PERMATApintar’s School’s Holiday Camp. It was held at UKM for 3 weeks. It was my third and my last year joining that camp. It was totally a really fun and exciting camp. You can meet new friends. Not just local friends but also foreign friends. This year, our camp was also joined by the Omanis and Brunei’s people.
It’s all start on 20th November 2011.
It was the registration day. Once I registered, I searched for my old friends. I met Dini and Shafiqa. It was also their 3rd year in the camp. After the registration, we went to our own room and wait for the briefing. There were something different this year, and of course, our residential, we used to lived at KUO and KBH . But this year, all the students are combined at Kolej Keris Mas (KKM). We lived with the ‘budak-budak kecik’ . Haha. It was quite fun living with them. The ‘budak-budak kecik’ stayed at the 1st floor until 3rd floor and the sekolah menengah’s students stayed at 4th and 5th floor, while 6th floor was for the Instructors and TAs. We are prohibited to go upstairs. Haha.
This year my RA (Residential Assistant, who jaga us for 3 weeks here) was Mr. Nazir. I knew him since last year. He is a serious but yet he is FUNNY ! The best RA in the camp ! Other students were jealous of us because we had him. Actually he was the GT1’s RA, my RA was Kak Anne but she went home a week early because she was sick. Then, Sir Logan replaced her. But also, a few days left, he got to go home because his mom was sick. He left us when we are on our way to Post Betau, Pahang. Ouh, yeah, I almost forgot to tell you my class, I was in the GT2 (Green Technology 2).
This is my classmates:
Safwan Zulfadzli
Safwan Ibrahim
Mohd Hidayatullah
Dzaqwan Amir
Goh Jing Yi
Shafiqah Azman
Nor Adilah
Nor Izyani
Anissha Raju
Razana Rastam
Nor Syafiera
Instructor: Encik Redwani
Teacher Assistant: Sir Taufiq Amirullah
Also, not being forgotten my fellow GT1 friends. There are 15 people of them. Puan Suhaila the instructor and Sir Adri the TA.
Ok lah. It already being a super-long post after months no posts at all. Maybe it quite boring, I will post more about this camp later !
Btw, I am who is standing with one leg . So 'down to earth' .

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