Saturday, April 16, 2011

April-May Project-'S'.

Ump. Lots of projects this two months. 

Just happened this Thursday, Forum Remaja 2011. Boleh tahanlah. Not so prepared. With 'Kecik'(bukan nama sebenar) @ Khairul, yang tak reti bagi komitmen, boleh lak dia pergi main bola. Aduh. Zahid yang kedekut tak nak gi print bahan. But, I think its a success. Although, we gagap a little bit but A'an did it very well. Kudos to her ! Zahid did the Usop Wilcha's trademark while forum-ing. Haha. So damn funny. And Yana, she just like rapping there. Haha. If we win, we must go to SMK Sentul Utama this 27 April maybe.

Next project, two weeks to go, Sketsa Kerjaya at SMK don't know. Wakil sekolah, must berlakon for 15 minutes. I don't think there is any progress. Haha. Janah said, " Alah, skrip spontan je lah" Me and Zahid, " Otak kau!". That's all.

The day after that, go to camping at Sungai Congkak. I have been there last year. Quite fun but boring and lots of ragging. Huh! Not so excited. 

Next month, Cooking with Nature Competition. Me and Zahid (again) must make a solar cooker. We started the prototype this week. And each students at that school ask us 10 times each person. Huh~ Annoying. " Weh, buat apa tu?" I answered, " Kuali Astri, rumah kau ada Astri?" Kalau jawab untuk masak, dorang bukan faham pun. 

May, Trip to Malacca ! yeah! Tapi, tak confirm lagi. uhuk3. But I do anything for that trip ! Huhu. Any vacancies? Haha.

p.s: Astri is linked to pay broadcasting tv station. taw2 lah. ump. :)

Thank you, for reading this un-beneficial blog. Smile !
Assalamualaikum !


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